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Streaming Webinar Series

Through this four-part series, NCEA attendees will discover insights into the modern learning revolution and find out how to empower digital natives to use innovative environments, tools, technology, and modern problems solving practices. This series is for all grades and content areas –STEM, STEAM, and especially STREAM.  Learn about the pedagogy behind modern learning and how to support design thinking while meeting educators and educational innovators from across the nation that have created learning cultures with more authentic lessons, hands-on learning, critical thinking and problem-solving.

In this series, you will get an overview of a wide range of tools and technologies that can revolutionize learning, from drone curriculum, robots, coding, 3D printers, and VR Kits. Attendees will walk away with real excitement for the modern learning revolution, links and resources, creative ways to fund your future-ready classroom, and understanding of how modern learning practices boost student interest

January 2018

01.31.18  Welcome to the Modern Learning Revolution

In this session we will explore the trends and changes in the world that led to the modern learning revolution. We will discuss the shift in how educators prepare students for success in the future, global, and technical world! We will end with a tour of the anatomy of a typical Modern Learning Utopia.

Scheduled Speakers: Haydee Fuselier, Dr. Kenneth Bowen, Andrea Turner, Dennis Toohey

February 2018

02.20.18 Welcome to my Spaceship! 

In this session, attendees will learn how to transform their schools and classrooms into modern learning spaceships. We will explore the research around the benefits of creating progressive landscapes for learning.  Additionally, we will explore specific enhancements such as VR, Digital Collaboration canvases, and futurist Furniture. Attendees will also engage in a dialogue with schools as to how these spaces have impacted student and community interest, engagement, and enrollment.

Registration page coming soon...

Scheduled Guest Speakers- Nureva, Educational Consultants from Hon and  Media Technology

March 2018

03.27.18  Creating a Playground for Postsecondary Readiness

Modern learning leads to modern learning success. In this session, attendees will discover the teaching tools relevant to fostering future-ready skills. We will explore these tools from the perspective of how they are used in the real world and ultimately answer the question “What does this have to do with real life?”


Registration page coming soon...

Scheduled Guest Speakers- Makerbot, Incubatoredu, and EDUDRONE, Ozobots

April 2018

04.25.18  The Beginning

In this final webinar, we will be exploring how to get started on your Journey in creating your Modern Learning Utopia! Beginning with the end in mind, NCEA’s Andrea Kopp will explain how to focus on Religion in STEAM or how to better “STREAM”  modern learning environments and cultures.  Participants will leave with ideas and templates for creating a plan for starting a modern learning revolution in their own schools. The Beginning!  

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Tentative Guest Speakers- Dr. Kenneth Bowen, Andrea Kopp, Andrea Turner

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