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Why Schools Need to Buy Their Supplies Through The Thesis Program and not Amazon

Amazon is not the place to buy School Supplies as reported by Fortune Magazine.

This is the exact same finding from my own studies of Thesis member school spending. Schools beware of uncontrolled employee purchase decisions. Schools can significantly reduce their own and parents out-of-pocket expenditures by allowing them to participate in the Thesis program along with your school.

Read the report. Cut and paste this link into your browser:

My own studies of private school supplies reimbursement to employees show that Thesis supplies contracts are 22% lower in cost than what school employees actually purchased from Amazon.

In the report mentioned in the video above parents and schools could have saved 15% vs. Amazon.

Schools must challenge the use of reimbursements, require buying from contracts, and open up resulting savings to parents to help reduce the burden of sending kids to private school.

That's what we do. Help Private and Catholic schools save money. They have better uses for it.

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